Barbara Jordan! Ann Richards! Emma Tenayuca! Some of these Boss Texas Women are household names, while others you may have never heard of. Here is the cool thing, each of the women in this book worked to make Texas a better place. Some of them are doing great work today! They have all overcome great challenges and used their special talents to succeed. Their stories are as diverse as Texas.


There are countless Boss Women of Texas, and YOU are one of them! We encourage you to learn more about each of these women and let them inspire you to write your own story. 


The Boss Texas Women in the book include: Barbara Jordan, Ladybird Johnson, Liz Carpenter, Emma Tenayuca, Wendy Davis, Christia Adair, Annise Parker, Sandra Day O'Connor, Angelina Eberly, Molly Ivins, Cecile Richards and Ann Richards.




Hardcover Book, Boss Texas Women (8" square)

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  • Hard cover, 8x8", 26 pages, case laminate, glossy, premium color, 70 lb stock